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Thirty Years Since Betamax, and Movies Are Still Being Made

Thirty years ago yesterday the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) ruled that time-shifting of TV shows using video recorders was legal. The ‘Betamax’ case, or Universal v Sony for its real name, has proven one thing for certain. When it came to the level of damages the industry predicted would be caused by technology they weren't even close to reality, a situation that continues today.Source: ... Full story

Pirate Bay Founder Can’t Shut Down Russian Pirate Sites

Two months ago a Moscow court entered a verdict against Pirate Bay founder Gottfrid Svartholm after he was found to be listed as contact for some of the largest Russian pirate sites. The authorities ordered him to shut down these sites and pay the legal fees. Talking to TorrentFreak, a close friend and co-worker of Svartholm now says that the Pirate Bay founder can't help ... Full story

Gene Simmons: P2P Pioneers Should Have Been Forced into Work Like Nazis

KISS guitarist Gene Simmons is back again with a new anti-piracy tirade. After blaming the fans for "killing music" and wishing that everyone at Napster had been thrown in jail and then forced into work as the "Allies did with the Nazis", he suggests that a "Great Wall of China" should have been built around music with everyone daring to pass being sued.Source: TorrentFreak, ... Full story

Anti-Piracy Law Led to 30% Jump in Legal Content Buyers, Govt Claims

The introduction last year of a new anti-piracy law in Russia has seen a huge increase in the number of legal content buyers, the Government claims. Describing the new law as a "turning point", the country's Minister of Communications says the number of Internet users purchasing legal content has gone up by 30%. But should legislation be thanked, or is legal content availability behind the ... Full story

RIAA Wants Google to Implement Five-Point Anti-Piracy Plan

This week the global music industry sent its 100 millionth DMCA takedown request to Google. According to the RIAA, this staggering number has done very little to keep the most blatant pirate sites out of search results. Together with IFPI, the RIAA urges Google to up its anti-piracy efforts, which includes demoting pirate sites, or removing them altogether.Source: TorrentFreak, for the latest info on ... Full story

Record Label Asks Google to Censor Artists’ Twitter Accounts

Spinnin' Records, one of the largest independent dance music labels, has been sending several unusual takedown requests to Google. The record label asked the search engine to take down the Twitter pages of several of its own top artists, including Afrojack, as well as its own account. Google, thus far, has refused to help out with this blatant attempt at self-censorship. Source: TorrentFreak, for ... Full story

Warner Bros. Seeks IT Expert to Take on Internet Pirates

Ever wondered what goes on inside the anti-piracy department of one of the world's largest entertainment companies? Soon one lucky individual will find out when he or she begins optimizing Warner Bros.' content takedown systems, building and maintaining their robots, investigating rogue sites, and thwarting pirates who encrypt their links.Source: TorrentFreak, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing and VPN services. Full story

Anti-Piracy Boss Jailed Two Years for Drug Trafficking

One of the most prolific anti-piracy advocates received a two-year jail sentence for drug trafficking from a Lithuanian court this week. The then President of the Lithuanian Anti-Piracy Association LANVA, Vytas Simanavicius, was caught following a sting operation in 2012. As a result of his incarceration, the former anti-piracy boss is unlikely to serve as an expert witness in a Microsoft court case against ... Full story

BBC Fights TV Piracy By Rushing Sherlock Holmes to the East

Unavailability of content is one of the key drivers for online piracy so it's of great interest that the BBC has made a pioneering move with one of its current hottest properties. In an attempt to reign in what some describe as rampant infringement, the UK national broadcaster has struck a deal to broadcast Sherlock Holmes on a Chinese streaming platform just hours after its ... Full story

Registrars Can’t Hold ‘Pirate’ Domains Hostage Without Court Order

As part of a collaboration between City of London Police and the entertainment industries, last year several file-sharing related sites had their domains seized by their registrar. Now, a prolonged process initiated by registrar EasyDNS has come to a conclusion, one which found that site domains cannot be seized on the simple say-so of the police or copyright holders.Source: TorrentFreak, for the latest info ... Full story