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CASL observations

I was at a conference on CASL (anti-spam) last week chaired by Barry Sookman.  His summary of conference highlights is worth reading.  Below are some of my observations based on both that conference and my CASL dealings with clients so far. … Continue reading → Full story

Is wearable tech dead?

Nike just announced that it is exiting its FuelBand fitness tracker business. Another article claims that “it’s only a matter of time until joins devices such as the Zune, the Kin, the PlayBook, and the Xoom in tech … Continue reading → Full story

Spam now so you can Spam later

CASL - the new Canadian anti-spam act - comes into force July 1.  It contains extensive, complex provisions that apply to the sending of any email that has a hint of a commercial purpose (a “CEM”).  In the short term it may … Continue reading → Full story

Are you vulnerable to Heartbleed?

A serious flaw has been discovered in OpenSSL - the browser encryption standard used by an estimated two-thirds of the servers on the internet.  This flaw has been there for a couple of years, and allows hackers to read data stored … Continue reading → Full story

Office for iPad – there’s a catch

Microsoft released office for iPad last week. They have promised to release Office for Android soon as well. The good news is that it is free to download. The bad news is that it can only be used as a … Continue reading → Full story

Royalty fraudsters can’t hide behind ‘corporate veil’

For the London Free Press – March 31, 2014 Read this at The British Columbia Court of Appeal recently held the owner of a company personally liable for a fraud his company perpetrated against a company it had licensed … Continue reading → Full story

The value of a brand

Today’s Slaw post: We all know that brand logos and names can be valuable assets and powerful promotional tools. Research has shown that children as young as 2 years old can recognize certain logos. Some are created by company founders … Continue reading → Full story

A really dumb idea

For the London Free Press – March 14, 2014 Read this at In February a “Dumb Starbucks” store appeared in Los Angeles. At first glance the coffee shop may have seemed like any other Starbucks store, but it gave … Continue reading → Full story

Is custom satellite imagery or crowdsourcing in your future?

Todays Slaw post: Digital Globe, a commercial satellite image company, has started a crowdsourcing campaign to help find the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.  You can go to their Tomnod site, look at satellite imagery of where the plane might … Continue reading → Full story

What’s in your pocket?

Today’s Slaw post: What phone, that is. At one time a Blackberry was the de facto standard for lawyers. (For the record, I have used various types of portable device over the years, but never a Blackberry.  I’m now using … Continue reading → Full story