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Christopher Yoo on Comcast and Competition: When Antitrust Lawyers Do the Math

TL;DR update: Yoo replied via some comments below, but once the questions became sufficiently specific he stopped responding altogether. A sample: Q: Why not define the market globally, such that any antitrust analysis is inherently kneecapped? A: “It is possible that the relevant market might be global instead of national.” (i.e. It is possible that Full story

Is There a Future for Net Neutrality after Verizon v. FCC?

In a decision that was widely predicted by those who have been following the case, the Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit has invalidated the FCC’s Open Internet Rules (so-called net neutrality regulations), which imposed non-discrimination and anti-blocking requirements on broadband Internet access providers. The rules were challenged by Verizon as soon as they Full story